Let’s get this show on the road! Help us reach our goal of $1.5M in donations to build a Texas Ranger Hall of Fame MOBILE Museum!

This traveling museum and history exhibit will educate countless children and adults throughout Texas as well as locations outside of our great State.

We’re creating a 1,200 square-foot mobile exhibit space to bring the history of the Texas Rangers to the people! This high-tech truck and trailer will be used throughout 2023 and beyond - it can be brought to schools, businesses, fairs, rodeos, livestock shows - you name it! What an opportunity to be a part of funding such a critical exhibit to showcase the history of the Texas Rangers on an accurate and complete basis. This mobile museum will feature artifacts, interactive kiosks, educational videos and much more! We’ll showcase a wide range of Ranger history from 1823 all the way to the modern Ranger, including the formation of DPS in 1935.

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