Honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Help us reach our goal of $4M in donations to build the Texas DPS Memorial.

Our Texas DPS Memorial serves as a bridge between law enforcement and civilians, educating visitors about the ongoing sacrifices and challenges of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please help us to not only build a memorial to the level of what these men, women and families deserve, but to also commemorate the 200 years of service the Texas Rangers have given the State and citizens of Texas.

Every day a Texas State Trooper, DPS Special Agent and Ranger, risk their lives to protect others from a variety of threats and they do so with selfless dedication. It is important to remember that the selfless dedication sometimes comes with sacrifice, in fact it always comes with sacrifice, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. DPS has done such a great job in terms of protecting Texas and its citizens and it is something we all should be proud of. This has not come without the loss of so many lives, over so many years. It is important that we recognize our men, women and their families for the sacrifice they made.

Every man and woman of the Department of Public Safety mourns when we lose one of our heroes. They are forever a Texas hero, forever a DPS hero and it’s important that we recognize that. We have an obligation and responsibility to law enforcement, to families and to the state of Texas to do the very best we can to honor and recognize those individuals who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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